Tips for Purchasing Low Cost SR-22 Insurance in Chicago

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Whether you’ve faced a DUI, have had too many tickets, were caught driving without insurance or any other number of violations, you may be ordered by the court to carry something called SR-22 insurance. This documentation proves you are carrying the minimum liability insurance and tells insurance companies you are considered a high risk driver. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot. There are ways to get low cost SR-22 insurance in Chicago.

Shop Around

Just like your typical auto insurance, it’s best to shop around so you can find the best SR-22 insurance. While you can always start with your current insurance company, if you carry insurance, some companies don’t even offer this service. Working with an insurance broker can often be your best choice to ensure you can not only find SR-22 insurance, but can compare rates to find the lowest price.

Watch Insurance Rates

The SR-22 itself doesn’t cost an extravagant amount of money because it is simply a certification that you carry the proper insurance per law. However, the cost of your actual insurance is likely to go up, depending on the severity of the violation that resulted in the SR-22 order. Therefore, in order to find low cost SR-22 insurance in Chicago, you have to pay close attention to the auto insurance quotes you receive. These will typically be your deciding factor in the overall cost of your SR-22 insurance.

If you’re looking for low cost SR-22 insurance, contact us to get started on your quote.

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